Case Study:
Full size paper model McClaren F1 Car​
Service provided by IFS:
Import – Direct Trailer
Prague, Czechia
Southampton, UK
Packed in a wooden based crate top of the crate made from strengthened cardboard.
2.1m x 6.7m x 1.2m
Transit Time:
3 days from collection

“These guys are great, so professional and very competitive prices. Suited my business needs perfectly. Thanks for all the help! Alex Olivares​, Alumina Studios, London.

International Freight Solutions Ltd worked with our transport partners in the Czech Republic to arrange a direct trailer service for pick-up in Prague. Once collected, the shipment arrived in the UK within 3 days, successfully cleared Customs and delivered safely to our client.

Meet the artist and creator of this beautiful life-size model

Paper Legend, Florian Weber based in Bolivia, is a McLaren Formula 1 Team superfan. Watch him below as he takes us on a journey to create a full-scale sculpture inspired by the McLaren Formula 1 Car, which is made entirely out of paper!
Watch the Youtube video >

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