At IFS we strive to keep abreast of not just the international sector, but also our UK infrastructure, which after all plays a significant part of the Export / Import journey.

We also take responsibility for protecting the environment and therefore we have an interest in championing such initiatives as the Government’s ambitious target to grow rail freight by at least 75%.

Rail Forum were keen to launch a UK rail manufacturing campaign as part of their enhanced support stream for their manufacturing members. With a third of their membership involved in manufacturing, this rail focused Made in Britain social media initiative is a fantastic opportunity for their members to highlight their capability, capacity, and range of processes supporting rail manufacturing across both rolling stock and infrastructure.

Rail Forum’s manufacturing campaign will run from 17 July 2024 and they are delighted to have the support of ‘Made in Britain’ and incorporate their well-established and respected #MadeInBritain branding and hashtag.

John Pearce, CEO at Made in Britain said: “A strong rail sector, leading a bold, green UK infrastructure strategy must have British manufacturing excellence at its very core. The UK is proud to be home to many of the world’s leading makers operating in, and supplying vital components into, the entire eco-system of rail-related transport. The Made in Britain organisation is proud to be able to add our voice to Rail Forum’s campaigning (in 2024) to boost the awareness of everyone who relies on this remarkable network of innovators and enablers of the UK’s environmentally and social responsible rail transport and travel sectors.”
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