About International Freight Solutions

A freight forwarding company, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

IFS International Freight Solutions Ltd logoAt International Freight Solutions (IFS) we offer a broad range of worldwide freight service options for both Export and Import. Working closely with you, we source the best solutions to fulfil your logistics needs.

The origin of International Freight Solutions goes back over twenty years as the company has evolved from what was the International department of Courier Logistics, Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Paul Johnson had overseen the development of this operation over the years and was given the opportunity to establish an International Freight Forwarding company independently. The business is now located within Hydra Business Centre, Sheffield and is dedicated to servicing our customers International Shipping requirements. Meet the IFS team >

A Freight Forwarding company in many ways is similar to the services offered by a travel agent. Just as they will find you the best deal and offer advice on Visa’s and regulations for world travel, we offer the same kind of service but for your goods! International Freight Solutions (IFS) can arrange Express or Economy services for your Documents, Parcels, Pallets, Part or Full Trailer/Container Loads, either by Road, Ocean or Air.

Over the last twenty five years, we have worked closely and built up trusted relationships with all the major international carriers and shipping companies, allowing us access to high level support and heavily discounted rates. Depending on the size of freight, the destination and how quickly (or slowly) you want to get it there, we will select the most suitable partner to work with.

International Freight Solutions (IFS) has a dedicated team of knowledgeable staff who will help you every step of the way in processing your shipment to ensure a seamless delivery. Guidance is provided in all aspects of worldwide shipping documentation with advice on customs regulations. We are here to take care of your International shipping leaving you free to take care of your own business needs.

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