IFS: Proud members of the Bluebell Wood Business ClubInternational Freight Solutions are delighted to announce that the Bluebell Wood 365 Business Network is back up and running. IFS have been advocates of Bluebell Wood Hospice for some years now and will continue to support and champion this very worthy charity!

IFS: Proud members of the Bluebell Wood Business ClubBluebell Wood Children’s Hospice are a much loved local charity who support more than 250 children with life-threatening or life-shortening conditions, alongside their families. Children and families are supported both in their own homes or at the hospice in North Anston. See bluebellwood.org for further information about their excellent work.

Our membership will help to support the charity financially and also connect us with other similar-minded organisations and businesses.

Perhaps you could consider affiliation with Bluebell Wood for your business? For further information please click here >

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