International Freight Solutions have shipped a number of Brendan’s Sculptures around the world and earlier in November, we were approached to arrange the shipping of some ‘Hare sculptures’ to various locations around the world including Brazil, China, South Korea and the US.

Brendan Hesmondhalgh – Hesmondhalgh Sculpture is a contemporary figurative sculptor, celebrated for his unique ceramic & bronze sculptures of animals, handmade from slabs of clay or sculptural wax.

Hesmondhalgh began working on monumental pieces after gaining a number of public art commissions. In some of these sculptures he experimented with animals on plinths and geometric bases which intensified the creature’s stature and allows for a greater contrast. The surface remains a focused element that he continues to develop. Adding colour, directional and textural marks.

Hesmondhalgh has established a distinctive style that is notably recognised and collected worldwide.

The recipients of the Hare Sculptures were all individual winners of the ‘Lush Prize’ – The Lush Prize offers a global prize fund to support initiatives to end or replace animal testing – 2022 Prize – Lush Prize

In-Soon Nam: Lush Prize 2022 Political Achievement Prize winner from Lush Prize on Vimeo.


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