Light Rail FreightAll aboard, as long as you are properly labeled and someone is waiting to pick you up at your destination station. The latest light logistics ideas propose that the sharp decline in commuter passenger traffic is the opportunity the parcels industry has been waiting for.

A published report from the Rail Innovation Group explores the potential for expanding the use of the existing rail network to facilitate the faster and more sustainable delivery of smaller and medium sized parcels.

“There is the opportunity for rail to provide long distance routes, which are much faster than the road network”, says the RIG.

The Rail Innovation Group is an independent association supporting new ways of operating within the rail industry. RIG has published a report, entitled Parcels as Passengers, proposing to make productive use of passenger rolling stock and recently vacated network capacity to support a new model of light logistics and parcels. The sector was almost completely lost to the rail freight industry in the 1990s, but some market leaders are seeking to turn niche operations into big business for the future.

This is such an innovative concept and so relevant at this point in time, how could we not share such a good post. Read more from the article >


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