Jamie Hawksworth – International Freight Consultant

Upon leaving school, Jamie began a further 3 years education in college studying Digital Interactive Media and Games Development, earning multiple certificates showing his dedication and skills. After leaving college Jamie began to look for work and was recommended to join the Kickstart Scheme. After a few weeks on the Scheme, Jamie came across a work placement with the International Freight Solutions Ltd. knowing he had nothing to lose, Jamie decided to go for it and had a successful interview.

IFS were delighted to offer Jamie a six month placement via the Kickstart Scheme. At the end of the Scheme, Jamie was offered a permanent place at IFS as an International Freight Consultant. He brings enthusiasm along with outstanding IT skills and general knowledge. Jamie is a quick learner and very eager to further develop his career and learn much more about the Freight Industry. As Jamie grows in confidence IFS value Jamie as an integral part of the team.

Jamie’s interests include Gaming, he is keen on discovering new ‘random facts’ and learning about historical events. He also has an interest in specialist Military Aircraft and to relax Jamie enjoys walking Milo, his energetic Husky dog.