Andrew Foster – Digital Marketing

As a creative, Andrew has spent nearly three decades working in the design sector specialising in digital design and marketing. He has worked with Paul since 2016, designing and implementing the IFS brand and being responsible for developing the website and other digital media.

After such impactful events of 2019/20 there have been huge changes to the Freight Forwarding industry on a global level. In 2021 Andrew was given the opportunity to join the IFS team to further develop the company’s digital marketing, as well as help out with the Freight consultancy services. Excited by fresh challenges he thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills in Freight Forwarding, which has given him a greater understanding of the services that IFS provide as well as the Freight sector as a whole.

Andrew especially enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Having a Christian faith Andrew and his family are involved in their local community and are part of the local church. He loves to travel and meet people from different parts of the world and is fascinated with different cultures. Andrew has had the privilege of travelling to a variety of places in mainland and eastern Europe, USA, Australia, Western Africa and he still has a number of places on his bucket list.

He also finds gardening very therapeutic, loves the outdoors: camping, mountain biking, walking and simply spending time with friends, family and some good food.