What are green logistics?

Green Freight and LogisticsBoth eco-conscious customers and government policy are putting increasing pressure on companies to adopt more sustainable, greener practices in every aspect of their business. And that includes logistics.

In fact, ‘green logistics’ and ‘sustainable logistics’ are terms you’re probably reading and hearing more frequently than ever before. But what are green logistics, in fact?

Put simply, green logistics are ways of minimizing the environmental impact and the carbon footprint of logistics activities. Activities like transport, packaging, recycling and storage.

As a business, you may have already introduced greener, more sustainable processes into your manufacturing. This toolkit which has been produced by our partner, DHL, is designed to give you practical help in improving your organization’s sustainability in logistics and further reduce its environmental impact.

If you’re running an e-commerce business, you can bet a fair part of your emissions come from the logistics. And your customers are taking note… here are some stats that may surprise you:

50% of digital customers state that environmental concerns impact their purchasing decisions.

16% of greenhouse gases are due to the transport and logistics industry.

Packaging accounts for almost a third of all plastics production – but only 14% of
it is recycled.

88% of customers are more likely to be loyal to a company which supports environmental issues.

74% of customers say a company’s sustainability practices matter more than they did a year ago.

Our partner DHL, have produced a very thorough Green Logistics Toolkit. It is packed full of tips to help your business up its eco credentials – from sustainable packaging to route optimization. Find out more!

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