Is your business ready for Exporting/Importing to/from the EU following Brexit changes to trade? January will be here before you know it and that means it’s time to get prepared!

Brexit’s getting closer than everNegotiations are ongoing between the UK and the EU, but from January 1st 2021 all UK trade with the EU will be conducted under either a Free Trade Agreement or with World Trade Organisation terms. So it’s time now to prepare for this as there will be changes to cross-border shipping processes.

‘Deal or no deal’ all shipments between GB and the EU will be subject to customs formalities meaning more information will be required from you.

The good news is that IFS is here to help you! With over 20 years experience in International Freight Forwarding, as ever we specialise in this field and are prepared and ready to assist you with your shipping requirements in 2021.

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