Some organisations don’t see the need to pay someone else to send their goods overseas. However, not using a freight forwarder can cost time and ultimately cost money without the professional support.

Freight Forwarding by Sea with IFS International Freight Solutions Ltd

There’s far more to transportation than many people realise, with dozens of different elements to consider before even packing up your parcel and sending it on its way. Here, we explain why using a professional freight forwarder isn’t just worth the money – it’s fundamental to guarantee safe, smooth shipping.

– It’s not necessarily more expensive to use a freight forwarder
– It’s easier to secure booking slots using a freight forwarder
– You’ll have access to better buying power and knowledge
– You’ll experience reduced risk
– You’ll enjoy multi-model solutions using a freight forwarder

Need help with your next shipment?

As a respected global freight forwarder, International Freight Solutions (IFS) Ltd have the experience to anticipate problems before they arise. If you have an upcoming shipment and want to explore the option of freight forwarding, simply call our friendly and helpful team on: +44 (0) 1709 610 000 or complete our shipping note.

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