This blog provides plenty of ammunition – here is one of our partners: DHL’s 22 golden rules of e-commerce.

Make your online business a big hit

Rule #1 Keep testing your: Products, pictures, descriptions, etc.
Rule #2 Avoid clutter – keep your site clean and unfussy.
Rule #3 Consider a countdown indicator, but make sure it’s genuine!
Rule #4 Offer ‘free’ delivery if possible.
Rule #5 Customer reviews – Nothing persuades like other people’s recommendations.
Rule #6 Make your copy is seductive and persuasive.
Rule #7 Set up a referral programme: encourages customers to you.
Rule #8 Run a secure site – customer privacy policy and display your SSL certificate.
Rule #9 Get writing – reach new customers by writing guest posts on relevant blogs.
Rule #10 Go the extra mile, give it the personal touch with your customer service.

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