War Child Charity LogoIFS have been supporting a great charity in the way we know best by sending out some spare parts to help Elliott Morgan with his world wide cycling fundraiser.

Elliott and his teammates are cycling around the world to raise money for War Child which supports children across Africa, Asia and the Middle East through protection, education and livelihoods support. The charity helps children who have lived through conflict, such as children who have lived under so-called Islamic State in Iraq, or former child soldiers in the Central African Republic.

Elliot's bike ride raising money for War ChildElliott left Sheffield on 2nd April and has been making his way around the world over an 18 month period, crossing continents and passing through a total of 28 countries. Elliot says “18 months of hard work, thousands of training miles and scrupulous saving have all been in pursuit of this trip of a lifetime. I am aiming to raise £25000 for War Child”.

Click below to find out more including how to donate to this great cause.