How do small e-commerce businesses compete with the big competitors out there? It’s simply a case of making your brand look credible. Whether it’s through customer reviews, changing your email address format or adapting your tone of voice, there are a number of ways to look bigger than you really are.

At first glance, big, well-established businesses have got it made. They enjoy lower operating costs, have hefty advertising budgets that get them noticed and talked about, and have perfected systems and procedures that help deliver a flawless service.

But the internet is a great leveler, making it possible for even sole traders to compete with massive companies. You need a great service or product that people want to buy, of course. Then it’s just a case of making your brand look credible. Here are some tips that can help you look bigger than you really are:

1. You’re not one person anymore
2. Spend money on your website
3. Get a logo
4. Right the words write
5. Invite customer reviews
6. Get email addresses that look the business
7. Get a corporate mailing address
8. Refine your email signature
9. Add security certificates to your site
10. Use the power of SEO to compete with the big boys

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