Ingrid Kirkby

Ingrid brings with her many years of valuable industry knowledge and experience having worked for Courier Logistics as the customer services manager for the last 11 years and prior to that with TNT for 6 years,

“There are many aspects to International shipping which make the role that much more varied and interesting. Each day brings with it new challenges as we handle so many varying requests from our clients”.

“As an Independent Freight Forwarder, our challenge is to source the best solution for our clients. There are so many variants of service offered by the hauliers, airlines and shipping lines that quite often it can be overwhelming. Our job is to select the most appropriate carrier and it doesn’t always boil down to the cheapest option. Some clients shipping requirements can be quite demanding with deadlines for delivery being crucial. In addition other factors play a part such as the nature of the goods, the size and weight and of course the destination, all of which make selecting the right carrier a key decision”.

“We have to keep up with the ever changing Customs rules and regulations which ultimately forms part of the service we provide”. Ingrid